Video: Insider Interview with the Jim Hughes the Chief Engineer of the 2012 Ford Focus


A new car’s success (like the 2012 Ford Focus) is ultimately measured when it hits the showroom floor. Will it selling like hot cakes or will the automaker have to discount the car to get it to out the door?

But long before a new car ever makes it onto the showroom floor thousands of people have spent countless hours working to get the car into the showroom.

In the next few weeks Ford will be starting production of the all new 2012 Ford Focus. And unlike the previous model the current Focus is essentially the same car in Europe, Asia and America.

One man, who who heads-up a multinational team, is ultimately responsible for the technical success of the new Focus. That man is Jim Hughes, who’s the Chief Engineer of the 2012 Ford Focus.

On a beautiful So-Cal day we recently had a chance to interview Jim Hughes as he drove the new Focus through the twisty canyons near LA.

Check out another TFLcar exclusive insider interview below as we chat with the man behind the 2012 Ford Focus.

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