Sneak Peak: Best car Super Bowl commercial stars red hot teacher and Chevy Camaro


Every year the best and the brightest in the car advertising biz put their minds together to create that one memorable Super Bowl ad. And the best thing about Super Bowl commercials is that they tend to speak to inner cave man in all guys.

We’ve already watched many of the 2011 car Super Bowl ads because the auto companies like to preview them on YouTube before the big game.

Out the ones that we’ve seen we like this Chevy commercial called ‘Ms Evelyn’ the best. It not only stars three very attractive (dare we say hot) women, but it has all of the best stuff that you want out of a Super Bowl car commercial including:

– Frat Humor

– Stunts and jumps

– A great looking car

– Helicopter chase seen

– A fun and memorable ending

And of course that everyman appeal that always marks the best Super Bowl commercials.

So why wait until the big game when you can watch it below right now.

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