Top Gear Christmas Special: Watch Jeremy, Richard and James drive to Bethlehem


In Great Britain today is Boxing Day. It is also the day that Top Gear airs it’s second special show of the year…the Christmas Special.

In this latest episode of Top Gear think of the boys as the three wise men (or perhaps not so wise men see below) because they drive through some of the most dangerous countries and places in the world including Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel.

This in itself would be a perilous enough journey but to make it really interesting the boys also drive the road trip in three old rickety roadsters. Oh yes, and did me mention that the start of the road trip in a little war worn country that you might know as Iraq.

This is perhaps one of the best Top Gears yet so enjoy this Christmas Special below on Youtube while it lasts.

BTW: You can watch the first Top Gear special from last week and the U.S. of A. HERE

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