Best of TFLcar 2010: Bashing dunes in concept cars at the Easter Jeep Safari


Editor’s Note: In the last few days of 2010 we’re pleased to feature some of the most interesting stories of the year. Today we continue with a sandy road trip we took back in March to Moab, Utah and the annual Easter Jeep Safari.

Every year thousands of Jeeps converge on Moab, Utah for Easter.

This year is no different and 2010 marks the 44th annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari.

So what’s new with Jeep?

A lot actually.

The Chrysler owned car make brought 8 mew concepts cars to this year’s Jeep Safari and I got to drive them all…no make that bash them all through the Moab dunes.

Check out the video for your exclusive private test ride of Jeeps newest concepts.

And yes…at least one concept Jeep (no make that a Ram truck) was injured during the making of this video.

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