Best of EMT 2010: Snowy Rocky Mountain Tesla EV Roadster Road Trip


Editor’s Note: In the last few days of 2010 we’re pleased to feature some of the most interesting stories of the year. Today we continue with a short snowy road trip we took back in February to Estes Park, Colorado in the new Tesla EV Roadster.

Take a brand new and very expensive all electric sports car (the Tesla Roadster Sport), add some Rocky Mountains, the Continental Divide, and season with a bit of winter snow, and you have the ingredients for a fun Colorado road trip.

The question of course is a simple one.

Can you take an electric car across country and across the great Continental Divide in the winter and not be worried that it will run out of juice before you get home?

The answer: yes and no.

Check out the video below to see what happens when you take the new Tesla Roadster up the Rocky Mountains and across the Continental Divide and back home again.

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