Reviewed 2010 Lexus GX460: not your typical namby pamby crossover


Yeah, I knew in advance that the GX460 would be big. Maybe it had been a while since I’d been in a large SUV. And I know you’re probably tired of me stating the obvious, so I’ll move along to a review where I no longer discuss how big the GX is.

The GX460 looks pretty sharp, but in an understated, Lexus sort of way. Which is to say that the design will look good for years because it’s not overly dramatic. So I like that. It looks like a vehicle designed to do some work, but not get too messy. Like someone who doesn’t have fake nails, but gets manicures. Like someone who has nice work boots, but keeps them pretty clean most of the time.


Despite a potential owner’s penchant for cleanliness, the GX460 will go anywhere you want to go and it’ll be painless getting there. While sometimes I felt like the GX460 was trucky and tall, other times I noticed that it was pretty soft. Like the time I went to parallel park and curbed it but couldn’t tell. Not my proudest moment, but interesting nonetheless. I got out and walked around the back and noticed the rear tire was up on the curb. How did I not notice that? While I didn’t have the opportunity to go off-roading, it probably would have been the cushiest ride ever.

And speaking of off-roading, check this out. There are about 700 buttons you can use to tailor the GX460 to your off-roading needs. Okay, so there are really only 4, but you get my point. I loved that I could put the GX460 in either sport or comfort mode. I liked the idea of being in charge of the vehicle, not the other way around. And the adjustable air suspension is fun to use even if you aren’t crawling over rocks. Hurray utility!


But also, hurray comfort! My test GX460 came with heated AND ventilated seats. I also had a heated steering wheel. This is one of my favorite over-the-top features and I turned it on even though we were having very warm weather for a September. Three-zone climate control system guarantees everyone’s comfortable (well, almost everyone-there’s always a holdout). How considerate. My kids loved the heated seats in the second row. They now respect and appreciate seat heat like I do.

It should also be noted that the GX460 is really pretty easy to drive despite its size. When I first parked it, I just abandoned trying to get into a normal, close spot because I assumed it would be tricky to park the first few times. But it was actually very easy to park and had a pretty good turning radius (considering). But I confess, the size was a mental hurdle for me.


What was not a mental hurdle was the power. The 301 horsepower V8 was at the ready for anything I wanted to do. This is really hard not to love, people. I really do think that’s all I need to say about that. Oh, and 15/20 estimated mpg’s. You probably knew that was coming though.

IMG_0301 There’s not much else about the GX460 that is so simple though, and the button overload makes me crazy. While all the buttons were pretty self-explanatory and easy to use, I got a little overloaded. Visually it was kind of crazy and it would probably take a while to get comfortable with all of them.

Anyway, the passengers in the second row have tons of room in the GX460. The third row was not as spacious, but they never are. Fortunately, the third row is easy to stow because there’s a nifty power-fold button in the cargo area, which is always nice. Oh and hey, the cargo area is pretty huge with the third row stowed. But getting to it is a hassle. The cargo area is accessed not by a liftgate, or a hatch and tailgate, but a huge swinging door and a glass hatch. I’m perplexed by this choice of door options, Lexus.

So while the GX460 is a lot of car, and much of it is very nice, this vehicle strikes me as a choice vehicle for people who love their 4×4’s full-on. None of this namby pamby crossover business.

If that’s you, and you got a spare $62,854.00 laying around (that was the price of my test car), on the recommendation scale of:

Buy it

– Lease it

– Rent it or

-Forget it

I give the 2010 Lexus GX460




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