Lance Armstrong replaced by Polar Bear as Nissan Leaf pitchman


Do you remember THIS commercial from the Tour de France?

It featured the upcoming all electric Nissan Leaf and a very happy Lance Armstrong cycling behind it.

Why was Lance so happy?

Because of course he wasn’t breathing any of that nasty exhaust that he might have to endure behind…say a Nissan Maxima.

Now we get word that the Nissan has replaced the 7-time Tour de France champ with a polar bear as the official Nissan Leaf pitchman…or it is pitchbear?


Could it be that polar bears have never been indicted for naughty sports behavior while Tour de France champions seem to be the most popular targets (at least recently) of Federal prosecutors?

At any rate getting a real bear hug like in this latest Nissan Leaf commercial…in all of human kinds recorded history…has never been so pleasant. Check out the new Lanceless Nissan Leaf commercial below to see what we mean.

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