First drive review: Is the new 2011 Subaru WRX STI the Halle Berry of rally cars?

TFL WRX rally pix

Roman Mica (El Jefe of TFL) and I had a chance to play with the 2011 Subaru WRX and STI for their debut in Aspen, Colorado. 

While Roman remains sober and restrained in showing his enthusiasm, I was stopped more than once from attempting to mount each vehicle. Hell, I get a funny feeling in my nether regions just talking about them.

Click HERE for a sneak preview video of the new 2011 car.

Very few cars make such an emotional impact on me (I remain far too shallow for that), but these turbocharged badasses put the fire in my loins.

So does Halle Berry.

Let me explain why.

The 2011 Subaru WRX:

– Adopted the cooler looking fat fenders and wider wheels from the STI.
– Handles better in EVERY friggin’ way.
– Has a wide-body 4-door option.
– Has stiffer rear subframe bushings.
– Is 1-inch wider AND has lighter wheels.
– Has fully integrated Bluetooth and iPod capability.
– Has better overall control, ride and responses.
– Makes me feel dirty – in a good way.


The 2011 Subaru STI: 

– Has new spring rates, thicker stabilizer bars and new bushings.
– Now handles MUCH better at the track.
– Has a wide-body 4-door option.
– Has lighter wheels and new colors.
– Has fully integrated Bluetooth and iPod capability.
– Has fully intergraded control systems making a more noticeable difference.
– Makes me feel even dirtier – in a good way.


Halle Berry:  

– Doesn’t need improvement.
– The thin-body model is better to look at.
– Makes me feel dirty – in a very good way.

The base price for the 2011 WRX is $25,495 and the WRX STI starts at $33,995… I think Halle Berry’s overall cost is good looks, millions of dollars, stability and a sense of humor. 

Hummm, I wonder if she would like a poor, fat, married guy who – – – 

Nah, never-mind.

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