First Drive Video: the 2011 Ford Fiesta is almost ready for America but is America ready for Fiesta?


Here's an interesting question to ponder…will American car buyers warm to a small, economical, premium European, car?

Ford is betting, and betting big, that you will.

The Michigan based car maker is about to introduce the diminutive Ford Fiesta this summer to American car buyers. The American Fiesta, while made in Mexico, is almost identical to the European car which as it happens is now the best selling car in Europe.

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Over on this side of the ocean we get basically the same car as the Europeans, as well as a sedan version of the 5-door hatch that's not a for sale in the old world.

Ford thinks that young urban types will take to the car which gets 30/40 mpg with a dual clutch automatic Ford calls a PowerShift and starts at $15,795.

But is this a car that you would put on your shopping list? Watch the video as we test drive the 2011 model in San Francisco.

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