World’s cheapest electric car the Tata Nano unvieled at Geneva Auto Show

It's small.

It's cheap.

It's all electric, and it is scheduled to arrive on the the market in 2012.

At the current Geneva auto show you'll find this small EV car with big potential.

The Tata Nano, which is a huge hit in India and is currently the world's cheapest car, is now going electric.

"Electrification will be an integral part of our initiative to launch
environment-friendly vehicles," said Ravi Kent, vice chairman of Tata.

Click HERE to check out a video of the gas powered Nano which is set to go on sale in Europe in a couple of years and perhaps even the U.S for a s little at $4000.

The newest Nano has a predicted range of about 80 miles and get this, it will go from 0 to 35 mph in a land scorching time of 10 seconds.

Th Nano has super-polymer lithium-ion batteries which, at least according to the company, are super efficient.

At just about $2500, the gas powered Nano is a runaway hit in India.

Here are some of the vital stats of the current Nano:

– Four speed manual gearbox and four drum brakes
– No power anything and that includes steering
– No ABS
– One windshield wiper and one side mirror
– 35-hp 624 cc two-cylinder engine that gets good gas millage
– Top Speed 65 mph downhill with the wind

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