Lamborghini test ride video: So what’s it like to ride shotgun next to an Italian driving legend?


When you think of the word's fastest most exotic cars you'll most like think of Italian names that end in an "I" like Maserati, Ferrari, and of course Lamborghini.

If you really know your Italian super cars there's one other "I" name that comes to mind.

That name is Balboni, as it Valentino Balboni.

He's the guy that's outlived all of the fast and famous Italian men that now lend their last name to some of Italy's and the world's fastest cars.

He is the long time test driver for the Lamborghini factory and he's driven every Lamborghini ever made.

Check out the video below and get an up close and personal view as Valentino Balboni takes you on a test drive through Tuscany, Italy in one of today's fastest and most powerful super cars.

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