Video a German in Florence: VW debuts the 2011 Hybrid Touareg in Tuscany


Driving the new 2011 Volkswagen Hybrid Touareg on the streets of Florence, Italy can be a challenge. Not that there is anything wrong with the newest and second generation of the VW Touareg.

No, the second generation SUV is actually about 400 pounds lighter than the first generation, plus the Hybrid Touareg will most certainly get better gas mileage when the official EPA numbers are announced before the fall American launch of the Touareg.

No, what makes driving the Touareg a challenge in Florence is the city's traffic.

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Watch as we test the Touareg Hybrid and diesel V6 and V8 in both the city and countryside of Tuscany, Italy.


Thanks to Bill Howard for his thoughtful critique and  Armando Gomez for his camera work.

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