Weekly Drive: 2010 Jeep Patriot Limited 4X4: buzzy unpretentious honesty


Rugged…that's probably one of the better words to describe a Jeep.

Brawny…that might be another word that many people would use when talking about a Jeeps.

But the thing is that our newest weekly drive (the Patriot Limited 4X4) is really a much more civilized ride than the typical Jeep name would suggest.

Sure it has skid plates, and off road deigned approach and departure angles, as well as an off road capable 4X4 drive train that makes it "Trail Rated," but let us face facts.

This Patriot will mostly likely be used as a daily driver. Most buyers will never fully utilize the Patriot's off road capability, and that's why we decide to put it to the test as a daily driver.

And you know what?

It works as everyday drive.

Sure the the CVT (continuously variable transmission) tends to bring out the buzziness of the 172 HP 2.4 liter engine, but once you get up to speed and the transmission settles down the Jeep can be a pleasant place to listen to your favorite tunes on the way to work.

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The cabin is still a bit rough around the edges, but everything is where it is supposed to be and the Jeep seems to have an honest to goodness all American work ethic that subtly exudes confidence.

There's an unpretentious honesty about the Patriot that makes the car fun to drive.

If you take it for what it is…a somewhat civilized version of the famous Jeeps of the past…you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how well the car works as a daily driver.

We did find a few points that could use improvement like excessive use of cheap looking black plastic in the cabin as well as the low feel of some of the secondary controls.


But in general, the Patriot can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.

Look for our video caparison of the Jeep to the Audi Q5 soon when we see the difference of what a beer vs. a champagne budget buys.

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