Video Challenge Jeep Patriot vs. Audi Q5: Let’s say you want Champagne on a beer budget


Give us 5-minutes and we’ll give you the scoop.

How do you buy the right car for your budget? That’s always a tough question.

Let’s say you want one of the new 5-passenger Crossover’s and you have a taste for Champagne… but you are on a beer budget.

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To help you choose the right car for the right budget we compare two very similar cars. The jeep Patriot and the new Audi Q5 are both 5-passenger Crossovers that have all wheel or four wheel drive. They both will do pretty much the same job, except with one big difference: the Audi cost 15K more.

So what do you get for your extra 15K?

Watch the video comparison below and find out.

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And what’s the right car to buy if you have a taste for Champagne but you are on a beer budget?