Weekly Drive 2010 Toyota Avalon: Now you see it and now you don’t

We picked up the 2010 Toyota Avalon at the airport after return to Denver from the Detroit Auto Show.

The shinny black car was glistening in the sun at the park and fly lot with the engine running…ready for the trip back to the office.

First impressions are often right on the money and the Avalon certainly seems to be a leisurely ride.

It sort of floats down the highway (not that there is anything wrong with that) in a easy going laid back manner.

Here's the funny part. Our 2010 tester comes with the optional navigation system which came with the obligatory legal warning about not driving and and trying to operate on small children.

Anyway, for the longest time on the drive back to Boulder we could not figure out how to click the "I agree" button on the screen to cancel out of the legal Mumbo Jumbo on the car's main screen. 

Nothing is more frustrating than when technology out-smarts the driver.

But in this case it had nothing to do with technology.

Toyota hid the car's secondary controls (including the main navigation inter-phase) behind two doors that are normally reserved for storage in most cars.

Now you see it….


And now you don't…


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