Weekly Drive 2010 Lexus RX 350: understated in almost every respect

When swapping cars every week…little things like setting your favorite radio station presets or getting your iPhone to link to the car via Bluetooth become a huge inconvenience if they are not user friendly.

That's why I really appreciate the Lexus RX 350 with its magic mouse.

Check out the magic mouse touch pad in our recent RX 450h Hybrid video review HERE.

I got into the Lexus and within a few minutes I had the car's terrestrial and Satellite radio stations set to my favorite "old man" NPR stations. My iPhone also quickly and easily linked to the car so I was ready to start chatting hands-free without fumbling with my phone.

The RX 350 felt like an old friend after having spent a week with the RX 450h Hybrid earlier this summer. The cars could be interchangeable from a drivers perspective as both are completely silent and whoosh you around town in AWD security and of course Lexus comfort.

It is easy to tell why the Lexus RX is a segment leader as the RX feels just like a pair of fine hand-crafted shoes in that it fits just right and makes you feel special.

Unlike the Cadillac SRX (which is much bolder and brawnier) the RX is understated in almost every respect, but in an expensive "how may I serve" you first class manner.

Look for our review of the Lexus RX 350 soon.

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