New car bargain of the year: GM discounts Saturn and Pontiac cars by $7000

How would you like to buy a "new" Saturn or Pontiac car and get a $7000.00 discount?

That would make Pontiac's cheapest vehicle, the G3 hatchback, just $7,335.

Or how about buying Saturn's cheapest vehicle, the Astra compact car, for just $9,495?

As you probably know both the Saturn
and Pontiac brands are being discontinued by GM and now the American
car manufacturers wants to sell the remaining car by offering deep
price discounts to consumer via a new promotion to dealers.

According to a recent story in the The Wall Street Journal, GM will
pay dealers $7,000 for every new Saturn or Pontiac that remains on the
lot if the car is moved to dealer-operated rental fleet.

This means that dealers could sell the cars and trucks to car buyers
at a $7,000 discount, however the "new" cars would have to be labeled
as used when they are sold to consumers.

GM's Tom Henderson confirmed the program recently when he said,
"That was the purpose of the programs — to help dealers reduce those

But you better act fast, the program is set to expire on January 4,
of 2010, and as always the final price of the car may be different
depending on the dealership.

Usual promotional discounts to dealers range in the $4000 amount
according to so this may be your chance to get a "new" car
at much discounted price. 

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