Review 2010 Honda Element: The Stoner Car of the Year?

Brothers and sisters, let me lay this on you. Since the passing of the VW van, the only vehicle worth their weight in “Flower Power” is a hybrid. And that poses a problem; how can you party in a hybrid? Suits, Greasers and “The Man” have no love for hybrids. If they see your long, flowing hair (or undulating dreadlocks) fluttering out the window as you pass – they will hassle you.

What a drag.

So, rather than make it easy for the Pigs to harsh your high while you practice Yoga in the back seat of your Prius; maybe another ride is in order.

Here’s a tip for those who want to trip while using their car like the amazing VW Van of our past. Imagine a vehicle that has removable, folding seats and enough room for you and your old lady/man to catch some ZZZs. Imagine a ride that has full rubber floors that makes cleanup of spilled bong-water a snap. Indeed, there is a set of wheels good enough for a mini love-in and used ones are easy pickings. It even won the's “Dog Car of the Year” award this year – which is sweet ‘cause dogs are people too.

Enter the Honda Element.

I know, I know… it only (legally) has room for 4. But look at all of its abilities: it’s kind-a fuel efficient, very easy to enter and comes standard with (very) tinted windows. Easy to drive with a severe hangover (it’s smooth and easy to drive). Take it to a camp site or commune and marvel at how much crap it can carry. With its peppy 166 horsepower, 161 lbs feet of torque 2.4 liter, 4-cylinder engine hooked up to a 5-speed automatic transmission, performance is zippy.

It’s like sitting in a UPS truck with good front and side visibility. All 4 people have lots of space and the water resistant seats are comfy straight up or fully reclined. Need to calm a brother down from a bad trip? Even in nasty weather you can fire up some sweet tunes and motor through just about anything. The Element has optional Real Time™ 4WD which works automatically (no hassle brother) and gives great foul weather traction.

I only got 19 mpg combined – but then again, I drive like “The Man.”

2010-honda-element-gets-dog-friendly-equipment-medium_4 It’s a bummer dude that Honda no longer offers the slick 5-speed manual, but that requires too many brain cells to work as it is. Even though the maximum cargo weight (the maximum amount of hackie-sacks, Birkenstocks, Lucky Charms, hemp products and “goodies” it can hold with passengers) of the Element is under 700 lbs. I can attest to the Element easily handling about 800 lbs – no sweat. It can tow up to 1,500 lbs which is perfect for a tiny tent trailer – great for squatters. Check out the sweet, small Kamparoo trailer – perfect for the little Honda Element.

The clamshell doors open so wide that you can load a 5-piece drum set through the side – no sweat. In fact, fold the rear seats to the side and the low floored Element can hold three good sized amplifiers, a full 5 piece drum set, two electric guitars and a base guitar. You’ll be trucking to your next gig easily with the amount of stuff this thing holds. Brother and sisters – it even has an optional removable cooler!

Want to listen to some Strawberry Alarm Clock, Lemon Pipers or Moby Grape? Check out the standard (in the SC) 270-Watt AM/FM/CD audio system with 7 Speakers including subwoofer MP3/Windows Media®. It also has audio (WMA) playback capability and MP3/auxiliary input Jack XM® radio. It even has an option for navigation!


 So, check out the Honda Element which costs about 20 to 26 grand (give or take)… or get a used one and show the world you don’t conform by painting it with love logos (like thousands of others have done in the past). It’s a smooth riding, pleasure inducing machine that is just at home at Haight/Ashbury as it is hidden in the back-woods among federally banned plants.

I would most likely never advocate the lifestyle mentioned here – you dig? But, if you going to live like that anyway – check out the Honda Element. It looks just funky enough to be unique – I think it’s what Jerry would have driven.

If you have a better “Stoner Car of the Year” in mind – add it below.

Keep on trucking brothers and sisters!

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