Watch a bonehead with a video camera document the death of a cash for clunkers BMW


If you love cars this video (entitled: Cash for Clunkers- killing innocent 1994 BMW 530iM :'( such a terrible tradgety.) is heart breaking.

Watching this "cash for clunker" 1994 BWW 530 being euthanized is just horrible and for anybody whose heart pumps motor oil instead of blood, just plain tragic and yet…

To add insult to injury I found the entire video distasteful, rude, stupid, and the commentary insulting and inane.

The video's producer (promise383) writes on about the vid:

is a beautiful car i had to destroy because some dumbass traded it for
this ridiculous program. it was sentenced to death by the Obama
administration because it uses too much gas, waaaah waaaah, stupid
waste of a wonderful car that i would LOVE to have.

Really, the owner is a dumbass because he traded in the car for a new one.

the owner hated to part with his beloved BMW 530, but wanted to get his
daughter a safe and reliable new car for her High School graduation so
he gave up the car of his dreams for his daughters happiness and safety.

perhaps he could not afford to keep fixing the car. The older BMW X5
that I owned had all four electric locks fail within the span of 12
months. Each lock costs $450 to repair. I can't even image how much it
would cost to fix something serious on an older BMW like the

OK, to be fair not being able to
open the driver's door was pretty serious and embarrassing  as I had to
crawl over the armrest to get to the drivers seat.

I can come up with 101 different potential reason to trade in the BMW
that have nothing to do with disparaging the owner or, for that matter
promise383, promoting your narrow political agenda.

I can also come up with a pretty good joke.

How many guys does it take to kill a 1994 BMW 530?


One to kill it and one to video tape it.

Hey promise383 here's a novel idea for you…

Perhaps if you spent more time actually doing your job, and less time behind the camera you could one day afford to buy a BMW.

that would mean that you'd have to actually work instead of rant and
raving about somebody you don't know, while blaming the whole thing on
the Obama administration.

So in a funny way this video is a perfect example of the worst of the Internet age.

video producers creating and writing inane crap about people they don't
know to promote some narrow boneheaded political agenda with zero
consideration, respect, or courtesy to their fellow drivers.

is sort of like video taping a car accident and blaming it on the
President and Congress because they allocated the money to build the

FYI: you may also want to learn how to spell "tragedy".