Say Hello (And Goodbye?) to the Two Last Pure V12 Lamborghini Cars

You may have thought the Aventador

  • We thought the Aventador Ultimae would be the last of Lamborghini’s naturally aspirated V12s, but the automaker just brought out two one-offs to really bookend the era.
  • These two models — The Auténtica roadster and the Invencible coupe (above) use the same 789-horsepower engine as the Aventador Ultimae.
  • Unlike the Ultimae, though, these two get wilder styling and a more extreme aerodynamic touches to their “normal” counterparts.
  • Lamborghini’s first hybrid production car will debut in the next few weeks.

These are really, really Lamborghini’s last naturally aspirated V12 cars.

After more than a decade, we thought the Aventador Ultimae would finish out the automaker’s pure V12 production run, but it turns out there are two more one-off models left in the wings. Meet what are definitely the last of an era then: the Invencible coupe in red and the Auténtica roadster.

At their core, these cars still pack the same 6.5-liter V12 unit as the Ultimae. That means you get 789 rampaging Italian horsepower and 531 lb-ft of torque, routed through the same 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. All-wheel drive is still standard fare, as is the “Lamborghini Dynamic Steering” (rear-wheel steering) system.

You can’t have a one-off Lambo without insane styling.

The carbon fiber bodywork is where these two really stand apart, though. In a similar spirit to the Sesto Elemento and the Veneno, both the Auténtica and the Invencible bring crazy aero features throughout the design. The rear wing on the coupe particularly stands out, while the roadster is a bit more subtle with two fins rising from the rear. One of the most awesome touches, to my mind, is the triple rear light pods (a nice complement to the centrally mounted triple exhaust).

Inside, each car gets even more visible carbon fiber and actually forgoes a center infotainment display. That said, you do still get a digital gauge cluster with unique graphics, and the hexagon theme carries through to the interior climate vents. If you were to get the Invencible, you’d pick up a red interior, with red accents throughout and painted brake calipers to match the “Rosso Efesto” exterior. The Auténtica roadster comes in Grigio Titans, while the interior accents come in Giallo Auge yellow, again translating to the contrasts and the brake calipers.

Since they’re both the last pure V12 Lamborghinis and special editions of the Aventador line, they’ll definitely take their place in the automaker’s storied history. However, we’re also keen to see what the next chapter in Lamborghini’s history looks like, and we’ll keep a close eye on those developments in the coming weeks..