A TINY Budget Completely TRANSFORMED Our Ruined Jaguar!

Here's how the transformation turned out

Jaguar XK8 - 'Stud to Dud' video
(Images: TFL Studios)

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your car quite a bit cooler.

Depending on your vehicle and tastes, you may have the bug to see whether you can make your car that much more awesome without breaking the bank. We certainly did, and that’s why Kase and Tommy took to transforming our 2002 Jaguar XK8 convertible into something a little less pedestrian.

In this “Stud to Dud” series, we’re taking one of our old, classic drop-tops we tested over the past few months and giving it a new lease on life. This particular XK8 had some fairly rough moments in its past, involving an incident with a boulder. Trying to repair the front-end damage would be a costly prospect, so the guys decided to go with a color-matched, used bumper for a few hundred dollars instead.

Add to that a resonator delete (another couple hundred bucks) and a nice shining up, and the old XK already looked significantly better than before. That’s not the last change however, as we cover in the video below. To really cap off the budget-friendly transformation, we had the XK8 wrapped in a TFL-style livery that makes the car pop quite a bit more than the original paint job (and the guys replaced the old mesh grille).

Jaguar XK8 - 'Stud to Dud' video

Check out how the project turned out below!