(Video) Stranded Again!? How Much More Range Can Tires Give You on a (Mini Cooper SE) EV?

Images: TFLcar

We recently did a similar video on TFLtruck, using a Ford F-150 Lightning, but this time, we compare tires in a much smaller, electric Mini Cooper SE.

All of us at the TFL Studio office love the all-electric Mini Cooper SE; with the exception of its range. For the 2022 model year, the MINI Cooper SE added 4 miles of range to its EPA range rating and is now rated at 114 miles. Previous model years had a 110-mile range rating since the Cooper SE launched in 2020.

Tommy and Max, do everything possible to avoid a long summer day spent perambulating up and down the streets of Boulder – waiting to be rescued.

Tommy and Max once again, set off for high adventure. Once again, in similar conditions, on the same loop, the boys push the EV range-envelope. They’re pushing every molecule of their very soul to find the truth. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but they are serious about finding real results.

Last time, we ran 116.2-miles, which isn’t too shabby for a car that has 28.9kWh of usable battery capacity in a 32.6kWh battery. It also lugged around two passengers, and a set of tires that are a lot beefier than the ones it initially came with.

This time, we got 134.6-miles, and we still had about four-percent battery life left. The insane amount of time, energy and crew needed to fetch the Mini last time, we played it safe. We could have added a few more miles, just to drive home the point – but… nah. Tommy erred on the side of caution.

Mini Cooper SE tire science!

There is a nugget of science, and consumer awareness that should be noted. For one thing, a lighter tire and wheel combination, with less rolling resistance makes sense. Your mileage and range will improve, even if your handling and ego don’t. Also, maybe the automaker’s OEM selection of tire and wheel can be a good thing? Just a thought.