Flagship Range Rover SV Models Debut With ‘Serenity’ And ‘Intrepid’ Themes, 1.6 Million Customization Options: News

These models pack hyper-luxe materials and finishing

2023 Range Rover SV
Meet the new hyper-posh Range Rover SV models. (Images: Land Rover)

There are cars, then there are ways of life — the Range Rover SV is the latter.

Opulence has long been at the heart of the Range Rover’s identity, but these take things up a notch. With bespoke design elements and elegant materials, Land Rover aims to make the updated SV flagships “define modern luxury”. While the new and updated Range Rover debuted back in October, the SV Serenity and SV Intrepid will arrive as 2023 models, either in short or long-wheelbase forms.

When the order books for the SV models open up early next year, customers will be able to reserve their cars with “enhanced levels of personalization”, totaling some 1.6 million different configurations (derived from the international Land Rover configurator — not all markets will have that many choices).

2023 Range Rover SV models will get seven different wheel options depending on powertrain and design theme, up to 23 inches in size. Customers can choose from the standard RR color palette or from 14 additional colors available exclusively for the SVs. Throughout the cars, interior materials set the special models apart from the standard cars, down to ceramic controls and interior veneers, as well as a new “Ultrafabrics” textile option, should you want something more conscientious than traditional leather.

Technical specs

On the powertrain front, the 2023 Range Rover SV packs the same 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 as debuted earlier this fall. That means 523 horsepower on tap with 553 lb-ft of torque, mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. On the technology and infotainment front, the SV also largely mirrors what we’ve seen already, including Land Rover’s new Pivi Pro system and the latest generation Terrain Response, naturally.

Exact pricing for the SV themes is not available yet, but more information should emerge as the order books are set to open early next year. Stay tuned for more updates!

In the meantime, get a more hands-on impression of the new Range Rover below: