Ford To Begin Replacing Bronco Hard Tops And Shipping Some Finished SUVs Out This Week: Report

The news comes as Ford announced a fix for problematic hard tops last month

Ford Begins Replacing Bronco Hard Tops And Shipping Some Finished SUVs Out This Week: Report
Some owners, TFL included, should have gotten notices from Ford about their Bronco hard tops this week. (Image: TFLcar)

Replacement Bronco hard tops for the earlier, defective units will start shipping out this week.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Ford motor Company will ship out new roofs to dealers awaiting customer deliveries or retail sale within the next week. As the automaker grapples with widespread production issues, it told dealers and prospective customers that it would have new parts available by September. Unfortunately for some, that revelation resulted in longer wait times for those still in the queue, but thousands of customers awaiting new hard tops should, at least, see the newly designed versions arrive soon.

To wit, TFL Studios actually received a notice about our own Bronco First Edition Tuesday. As part of ‘Customer Satisfaction Program 21B49’, the company notifies owners that a fix is in the works for their defective hard tops.

Again, Ford stresses the issues with the molded-in-color (MIC) units are purely cosmetic, including in this notice. “The exposed or unsealed hard top roof edges may cause unsatisfactory appearance when exposed to extreme water and humidity. This concern is strictly an appearance issue as the function of the roof is uncompromised,” the notice says.

What happens now?

The company will again contact customers via mail when parts are available for their Bronco. From that point, affected owners can schedule a dealer service appointment. As for when that will happen, Ford states the components should be available to all affected customers in the fourth quarter of 2021. Beyond simply replacing the hard tops, all Bronco SUVs that have been sitting at the company’s Wayne, Michigan assembly plants will go through a comprehensive quality inspection prior to shipment. Considering thousands of vehicles were sitting at the factory last month, that alone could take some time.

Owners will not have to pay for hard top related repairs when their dealers can actually address the issue. Technicians will complete the repairs free of charge. For those still waiting, Ford Bronco marketing manager Mark Grueber told the Free Press, “We are working hard to get customers their Broncos as soon as possible and we thank them for their continued patience.”