The Top 7 Upgrades You Can Make To Your New BMW 3 Series

Here are some useful upgrades if your 3 Series is missing some features

The Top 7 Upgrades You Can Make To Your New BMW 3 Series

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How to improve your BMW 3 Series (G20): Top 7 Upgrades

It’s true, the G20’s athleticism, responsive steering and fine balance between comfort and performance make it live up to the name of a premium sedan. But, what’s a luxury car if it doesn’t genuinely make your life more fun, organized and stress free? Put enough tech and you can do anything.

Regarding in-car technology, this hyperactive puppy of a BMW still has some large boots to fill. In the end, depending on the package and operating system it comes with, the newest 3 Series may even lack phone integration possibilities, proper parking assistance or have mediocre audio!

For those of you who know what we’re talking about, we prepared a list of the Top 7 upgrades transforming even your most meagerly equipped G20 model into a pure luxury experience. Or, in other words, into your intelligent on-the road companion.

1) BMW 3 Series Apple CarPlay upgrade for G20 generation

So what would be the first thing to expect from a solid road trip partner? 

  1. To be your reliable navigator helping you get home faster;
  2. An entertainer letting you relax after a stressful day;
  3. Or a bridge for multiple conversations over the day? 

We don’t know about you, but we’d say all of the above. An undeniable aide in providing all this is fitting your BMW with Apple CarPlay. 

The Top 7 Upgrades You Can Make To Your New BMW 3 Series

This in-car multimedia hub became famous for essentially letting you use your iPhone safely behind the wheel and sort out daily tasks smoothly. With CarPlay for BMW G20 you can access many of your favorite navigation, music and messaging apps straight from your iDrive screen – among a multitude of apps you’ll find Google Maps, Waze, Tidal, Spotify, Audible, WhatApp and Messenger. All of which you can control via Siri, iDrive controller or touchscreen control in compatible vehicles. 

What’s surprising about it in the context of the G20 is that depending on your package you can either have it available for activation or… not have it at all! In such case you can rely on brands like BimmerTech, that provide opportunities to add it. 

Their Apple CarPlay activation for BMW 3 Series is available for G20s with the CarPlay Preparation option (S6CPA) and either ENAV EVO or MGU iDrive systems. Should you want more than just Apple’s solution, retrofitting BimmerTech’s BMW 3 Series CarPlay upgrade to your iDrive 6.0 will additionally let you use Android Auto functionality, and — to folks over the pond — add front and rear view cameras for a bargain.

The Top 7 Upgrades You Can Make To Your New BMW 3 Series

2) BMW 3 Series Android Auto retrofit for G20

If you’re not an avid iOS enthusiast, CarPlay’s Google-based sibling — BMW Android Auto — would be your alternative infotainment choice. Since BMWs only recently got it from the factory (in 2020 to be precise), the retrofit saves owners of older G20s from relying on poorer native solutions. 

With BMW 3 Series Android Auto retrofit you’ll be able to connect your smartphone wirelessly or via cable to the ENAV EVO iDrive system, and control Android apps using solely your voice or the iDrive controller.   

3) BMW 3 Series audio upgrades for G20

What’s also failed big time in the latest 3 Series (no matter the package) is without a doubt the stock audio system.

Let’s face it: Putting the basic Stereo option in a G20 is a real slip-up for a premium car brand — that’s one. And second? Due to a semiconductor and chip shortage, the majority of G20s produced since 2020 couldn’t be equipped with either the Harman/Kardon or Bowers & Wilkins premium audio systems. BMW had to rely on the standard Hi-Fi (S676A) version instead. In that regard, even the previous 3 Series generation beat its successor with its stock audio possibilities.

Fortunately, there are ways to pump extra audio adrenaline to your sedan with BMW G20 sound system upgrades.

BMW speakers upgrade for G20

Whether you’re lucky to enjoy a beefy HK or must rely on moderate Hi-Fi in base form, you can always improve your sound system experience with BimmerTech’s BMW G20 speaker upgrades. 

The combination of solid materials with a premium build is a winner here, especially as the speakers were designed to closely match the factory equivalent. Covering that, BimmerTech audio engineers made the upgrade a simple plug & play job requiring nothing more than average DIY skills. And of course, what you get out of it is the most crisp, rich and well-balanced sound — with the feeling of muddiness disappearing instantly after the replacement.

The Top 7 Upgrades You Can Make To Your New BMW 3 Series

BMW amplifier upgrade for G20

But if you want to go truly full on with your BMW 3 Series audio upgrade, getting an amp retrofit will be vital for that proper kick. 

BimmerTech’s BMW G20 amplifier upgrade made for cars with iDrive 6.0 and 7.0 will surely hit all the right notes and tones right off the bat. How come? It all lies in its numerous adjustment possibilities, 1140W max output and most importantly custom tuning. Thanks to the pre-tuned DSP, the amp will come tailored to the chassis of your G20, as well as to your favourite genres and style of listening. 

4) BMW backup camera retrofit for G20

Again, something worth looking at for folks across the Atlantic in Europe — BMW backup camera upgrades. 

Many of the latest 3 Series vehicles produced in Europe didn’t come equipped with a rearview camera from the factory, so adding an aftermarket module may be necessary at some point. Rear View Camera (MMI) is a go-to choice for these folks that expect not only camera functionality, but also multimedia integration or compatibility with the PDC. With BimmerTech, you get all of that without compromising the factory look and feel.

5) BMW parking assistant for G20

To ease the parking experience as much as possible, G20 owners with iDrive 7.0 also have the option of adding a BMW 3 Series parking assistant retrofit. What it does is basically turn your BMW into a self-parking car that detects any potential obstacles and keeps you away from scratches or bruises. Can’t get more helpful than that.

6) BMW power trunk for G20

This one will be perfect if you often find yourself overloaded with piles of bags and luggage. BMW 3 Series power trunk retrofit will allow you to open & close the trunk by pushing a button on your remote key fob, trunk lid, dashboard or using the kick feature if you have it in your G20. 

The automatic tailgate option features an electric motor that will lift and lower the trunk lid safely and fully making it easy to load up your car…to an extent, of course. If your trunk gets overloaded, the anti-pinch technology will sense the obstructions and stop closing.

7) BMW G20 coding

Lastly on our list there has to be nothing other than the BMW G20 coding. It’s really astonishing how many features BMW has hidden in the latest 3 Series (for obvious reasons). Fortunately, there are ways to unlock them for less than BMW would otherwise charge.  

For G20s with ENAV EVO, some of the most popular BMW 3 Series coding options include:

  • BMW video in motion unlocking — allows you to play movies for your passengers through DVD or USB straight on your BMW G20 iDrive screen.
  • SiriusXM BMW activation — brings over 175 BMW satellite radio channels your G20 is missing.
  • BMW Sport+ activation — gears shift almost twice as fast as in the regular drive mode, giving your G20 much better acceleration possibilities. 

Where to upgrade your BMW G20!

Ok so you’ve got hots for one of these upgrades…and now what? Start your search for aftermarket parts on eBay and figure out the install for yourself? Sure, you can do that. 

Or, choose the easier route and check out BMW 3 Series upgrades from BimmerTech – all OEM look and feel, fully plug & play with detailed PDF instructions, videos and any tech support needed. For those who lack DIY skills or simply don’t have enough time on their hands to do the upgrade themselves, BimmerTech also offers a network of certified installers around the world.