This Genesis G70 Wagon Looks Awesome — Too Bad We Probably Won’t Get It

We love wagons, but the public at-large hasn't really taken to them in the U.S.

2022 Genesis G70 Wagon
You can call me weird for going “oof” at the camouflaged Genesis G70 wagon, but… (Photos: Genesis Europe)

Genesis plans to launch in Europe this summer.

Hyundai’s luxury marque is expanding into Europe this summer, and the company explicitly said it would bring some “dedicated” cars for the occasion. Now, with their PR team teasing some camouflaged images of the G70 wagon (or possibly the shooting brake), we have a better idea of what they’re talking about. And all I have to say is…damn.

2022 Genesis G70 Wagon

I say that for two reasons. One, I already like the look of the G70 sedan, and making it into a wagon just increases its appeal that much further. The long roofline teased in the image above, the raked rear end and those exhaust pipes and wheels just come together in one sharp package. Pair that with a four-pot turbo or a twin-turbo V6 (or a diesel, since we’re talking about the European market)? It should be pretty sweet.

Second reason: I’m pretty much certain it will never make its way over here. Most of the guys in the TFL office love wagons just because they offer a svelte and practical alternative to a humdrum sedan, without having to compromise on driving dynamics by getting a crossover. It’s the best of all worlds, pretty much. Nevertheless, Genesis Europe teased this car through their social media handles. And while customers on that continent are keen on wagons, Americans usually don’t turn up in their droves to buy them. When’s the last time you’ve seen a Jaguar XF Sportbrake? How about an Audi Allroad or RS6? Mercedes E-Class wagon? Yeah, they exist here, but you’ll see a hundred crossovers before spotting a wagon.

Oh well. At least we will get the sedan, which is still a hoot in its own right.