Lexus Concept Teases ‘Brand Transformation’ Ahead Of Full Debut On March 30: News

Lexus' shift toward electric models continues

Lexus’ new concept sports a sleek sportback shape, but we don’t have any technical details at the moment. (Photos: Lexus)

This new Lexus concept will emerge from the shadows on March 30.

The automaker hasn’t announced a name for this car yet, but they did provide glimpses into what “the future” of the brand will look like Tuesday. The unnamed concept will debut on March 30 at 7 P.M. Eastern time.

We don’t have specs or any firm details on the car yet, but there’s quite a bit we can glean from the silhouette on display here. From the profile view, you’ll note a sleeker, sportback design. That said, this concept also seems to pack crossover-like ground clearance, so that may signal intent toward the more popular and profitable crossover market. The grille is not your typical Lexus either, as it ditches a large chunk of the spindle grille we’ve come to know over the years. Depending on your stance toward the brand’s current design language, you may count that as a win. The check-mark headlights appear to remain, albeit slimmed down from older designs.

Around the back, you get the same thin LED lights that you do at the front, though the overall shape carries a bit of the old LFA in its overall shape, at least when you look at it from the side.

The proportions look familiar

Overall, the design also smacks of Toyota Mirai, which makes sense given that car’s electric platform. These two could even wind up being direct siblings, though again, there’s no official information to confirm that yet. That’s just a hunch, though it’s possible Lexus could go for a straight battery-electric vehicle here than a hydrogen model. At any rate, coupe-like design, a rear-wheel drive platform and zero emissions sounds like the sort of direction this Lexus concept is gunning for.

Lexus concept

We’ll fortunately know more about what Lexus actually has up its sleeve in a week’s time. Check back on March 30 for more information. Speaking of Lexus, check out one of our latest comparison videos below: