Video: Can Deep Snow STOP A Tesla? We Find Out!

Does Tesla laugh in Mother Nature's face?

Video: Can Deep Snow STOP A Tesla? We Find Out!
We know Teslas can be staggeringly quick on the road, but how well do they handle winter weather? We had another chance to find out. (Photos: Tesla)

How can the Tesla Model Y handle a surprising amount of snow?

Despite what weather forecasts predicted, we ended up getting a bit more snow here in Boulder, Colorado this week than that 1 to 3 inches. After negative temperatures in the days before, Mother Nature handed our Tesla Model Y another challenge: navigating the deep powder. To preface the video below, I’ll admit not all the roads around Boulder were this snow-packed. Once you get out onto the main roads, the situation isn’t quite so bleak, even for those who drive front-wheel drive cars.

Fortunately, our new Tesla Model Y is a dual-motor Performance model, and has Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires fitted to boot. They’ve already gotten one trial, at least on a plowed road. Here, though, the car’s ground clearance may be an issue — the Model Y in particular sports 6.6 inches.

Check out the results in the video below, and stay tuned for more EV videos coming up soon!