Hyundai Previews The Retro-styled 2022 Ioniq 5 Crossover EV And Its Fast-Charging Capability

It can apparently gain 60 miles of range in a 5-minute zap

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 crossover will debut in February.

After announcing it would spin off the current Ioniq model into its own brand of sorts, Hyundai teased the upcoming Ioniq 5 battery-electric crossover Tuesday. It’s the first in a dedicated lineup, to be followed by the Ioniq 6 sedan and Ioniq 7 as a large SUV. The new cars will ride on the automaker’s new E-GMP platform, which it laid out in more detail last month.

Hyundai classifies the Ioniq 5 as a “midsize CUV”, though its proportions lean a little more toward a hatchback. If you think the styling looks pretty quirky, you’re certainly not alone. With its mix of retro design elements and more modern touches, its looks could polarize people more than some of Hyundai’s other funky-looking models (say, the Kona). Taking the strangeness one step further, the Ioniq 5 actually has a clamshell hood. It’s the first Hyundai to do that — a decision they say creates a “high-tech overall look” while minimizing panel gaps. The pixel-shaped lights accentuate the retro aim as well.

At this moment, the company made few mentions of actual specs for this car. Just one figure accompanies the blurbs they’re teasing with this announcement. According to Hyundai’s own claims, the Ioniq 5 can charge up with about 60 miles of range in five minutes using DC fast charging. You can also use the car to power to roast a turkey or run on a treadmill in the wilderness miles away from any power grid…Okay, odd marketing aside, the car boasts serious quick-charging capability and lets you power whatever other devices you may bring along on a trip.

More in the coming weeks

As for the car’s range and performance capabilities, we’ll have to wait for the official debut. As ever thanks to the world’s current state, Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 debut will be a virtual premiere set to take place in February.

Hyundai toned down the pixelated lighting effects a bit from the earlier “45” concept.