Million Mile Machines: Buy These Two Cars If You Hate Visiting Mechanics!

Some classic cars can stand the test of time, and so will some modern cars like the Toyota Camry

2018 Toyota Camry XSE V6
The Toyota Camry has a strong reputation for reliability, but will the newest models still be kicking in a few decades? (Photo: Toyota)

There are certain legends in the automotive world — cars that are known pretty much everywhere four outlasting their owners. Or, at the very least, not conking out for a few hundred thousand miles. If you’re planning to keep your car and effectively drive it around the planet several times over, Toyota has been one of the first names that may spring into your mind. Consistently one of the world’s top three automakers, the Japanese company built a considerable part of its reputation on robust and dependable cars. That’s the main reason it consistently sells hundreds of thousands of models like the RAV4, Corolla and indeed the Camry. This brand new, all-wheel drive model aims to broaden its appeal to those of us in the snow-prone states, but here’s a question to consider: Will it hold up just as well as, say, an old-school Mercedes-Benz 300D?

Based on just how many 20 to 30-year-old Camrys you still see roaming the streets, anecdotal evidence suggests the latest model will hold up just as well. In this TFLclassics video, though, Tommy discusses both cars and how much time both cars will spend on the road. In it, he goes over why they will likely soldier on for a good time to come, and issues facing both cars in terms of keeping them on the road.

Tommy also created a poll over on the TFLclassics YouTube channel‘s community page. In that, you can vote on which car you think will last longer on the road. Let us know what you think and check out more old vs. new videos coming soon!