Future Dodge Journey, Good ol’ Pickup and You Bought a WHAT?! [Ask Nathan]

This is Peugeot 6008 Concept car, but it could influence the future Dodge Journey. Then again, so could the Challenger Hellcat! (Image: PSA)

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • What is the future Dodge Journey going to be like? 
  • I want a cheap old reliable truck. 
  • Nathan – you bought WHAT!?

The first question comes from a NathanAdlen@Twitter question, asking about a future Dodge Journey

Q: (Via NathanAdlen@Twitter) Work gave me a 2018 Dodge Journey. 

Driven it for 2 years and I don’t hate it. What will the future Dodge Journey be like? 


(Image: PSA)

A: That’s a great question! 

There are a TON of rumors about the future Dodge Journey. Everything is on the table including the platform, engine, source-company (Fiat, Peugeot, Mitsubishi) and possible name.  Nothing has been confirmed. 

The 2020 Dodge Journey is basically the same vehicle that’s recently been simplified in terms of options and packaged. Less variety usually means a vehicle is at the end of its shelf life. 

Dodge Hornet?

Recently, FCA applied for trademarks for both “Hornet” along with “Dodge Hornet” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We have no idea where the name would work best in the Dodge lineup. In the past, it was attached to a sporty econo-box concept that was about the size of a Fiat 500X. This was before the Fiat merger and we doubt it’s reemerging for production. 

The 2006 Dodge Hornet concept. (Image: Chrysler)

Given Dodge’s ageing fleet, and the popularity of the segment the Journey inhabits, it’s entirely possible that it could be part of, or a replacement of the Journey’s name.  Some of the additional rumors focus on platforms from Alfa Romeo/Fiat and Peugeot. 

The popular rumor has the future Dodge Journey being based on the same Giorgio platform Alfa Romeo uses for the Stelvio. FCA’s former CEO Sergio Marchionne wanted to use the platform for the next versions of the Dodge Challenger, Charger, Journey, and Durango. This was announced back in 2017 and things may have changed. 

With the merger of FCA and PSA, some speculate that there will be platform sharing with Peugeot. The Peugeot 5008 could be a platform for the next Journey. It’s about the right size and it could be how Peugeot works their way back into our market. 

As of this date, nothing has been confirmed. It should be interesting to see how this old crossover evolves.  

– N

1993 Toyota T100 (Image: Toyota)

The next question comes from a fan who is thinking about pulling the trigger on a Toyota T100. 

Q: Yo. I don’t have all kinds of money like most people who buy pickup trucks. 

I need a good old pickup truck to haul crap from my dad’s old property to the dump. It needs to be reliable and cheap and easy to fix. Don’t need to tow a lot.  Never owned a truck and never needed to. I just need to reliably haul junk for the next year or two. It’s a lot and I don’t need anything new of fancy. 

Saw a few ads for American trucks for less than $5,000 but I hate U.S products. Saw lots of TFL videos with old Toyota trucks and it got me thinking about getting one. So I checked out a $4,000 94 Toyota T100 and it looks like a solid deal to me. It’s got low miles and runs real good. 

Is this a good truck? Do you have any experience with one? 


1996 Toyota T100 (Image: Toyota)

A: Hi! 

Great question. The Toyota T100 was Toyota’s first attempt to build a truck that competes with 1/2-ton trucks like the Ford F-150. It was never a big challenger with sales or performance, but it was a solid truck. It was like a slightly enlarged version of the renowned Toyota Tacoma. They had similar running gear and many components were shared. 

If you can find a well take care of example, it could be the right buy. 

A few things to look for: 

These trucks were notorious for rust, both on the body panels and on the frame. You need to check the bottom of the vehicle carefully. I know someone personally who had issues with the throttle positioning sensor and went through a few starters. 

Like any well used vehicle, many components will experience wear. Make sure the brakes and tires are in good shape and take it to a trusted mechanic to give it a good look. 

Best of luck! 

— N

The last batch of questions and comments come from the reactions from my video about buying my spouse a 2015 Mini Cooper Countryman All4 S. 

The video where I talk about buying my spouse’s 2015 Mini Cooper Countryman ALL4 S solicited some interesting responses. (Image: TFLcar)

Q: (Here are some responses to my Mini Cooper video)

Nathan! What you’ve been smoking lately brother. I love your reports all this years and out of all three of you, I favor you more. .. .. But something is happening there . what u showing us today is a disgrace. That should be an Acura or Honda. Just for comprising -you would be better of if you bought a Honda Hrv manual. Especially in this rough time when people look for reliable efficient and affordable car – Milko Vasilev

So bought a car sight unseen with out knowing what options it had and it showed up 2 weeks late….. smells like a sponsored video – andycap Benedictus

A Mini Countryman? You’re supposed to be a professional! Why would you recommend such a POS!? Scotty would kill you if he knew! – JTing 

A: Hi folks. 

There is something you guys need to take into account: this is something the boss-woman wanted. I would say “She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed” but @Shamey Reed said., “…please, please, please stop with the ‘she who must be obeyed” schtick.” So, I’ll hold off on saying “She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed” – even though I got “She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed” from author John Mortimer and his series, “Rumpole of the Bailey.” 

I did the best I could with the requirements I needed to meet. She WANTED the car. She WANTED the MINI! 

Of course I know about Mini’s reputation. Still, I did do some research with a ton of owners, some I know personally and found it wasn’t too terrible. The ones that have low mileage and a good maintenance history seem to last. That’s what I looked for. 

To answer some of your observations: 

@JTing – Sorry bro, but I NEVER recommended buying this car, I recommended the organization I used to buy it – Carvana. Also, unless Scottie is married to my spouse, he has NO say in my choices. 

@andycap Benedictus – All of the options were stated, I just forgot to double check about a few details. My fault, I should have known that this model of Mini didn’t have certain options. The delivery was late (which I mentioned… which makes it weird that my criticism would be “sponsored”). The overall experience was good and I stand by that. 

@Milko Vasilev – I honestly wanted her to like the Subaru CrossTrek. Honda and Acura have nothing that combines the options she likes. Only Jeep, Volkswagen, Subaru and Mini made the cut. 

At the end of the day, one must weigh what makes them or “She-Who-Mu-Obeyed” happy. 

Over the next several months, (and – hopefully – years) I will post a few updates. Until then, I remain happy that she’s happy. 


Speaking of that Mini video….