2022 GMC Jimmy, Nice Nissan Commercial and Videos During This Crisis? [Ask Nathan]

Could this be what the proposed 2022 GMC Jimmy off-road SUV looks like?
Rendering: AutoWise

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Is the 2022 GMC Jimmy a real truck? 
  • Nice Nissan Altima video Nathan….
  • What’s going on with videos during the COVID 19 crisis? 

The first question comes from a NathanAdlen@Twitter question, asking about a possible 2022 GMC Jimmy based on the midsize truck platform.

Q: (Via NathanAdlen@Twitter) Let’s face it, the Chevy Blazer and Trilablazer are complete failures compared with the Bronco and Bronco Sport.

I hear that there might be a truck-based 2022 GMC Jimmy. Would that even happen? Would it be another crossover?


A: Mayyyybbbbeeeee…

You’re right, GM fans are not amused that Ford is offering a dirt-worthy Bronco and Bronco Sport while Chevrolet… isn’t. The Blazer and Trailblazer are decent crossovers, but neither has any intention of being off-road-capable. I’m sure that, by now, GM hears the complaints.

The possibility of a 2022 GMC Jimmy was reported by both Car and Driver and the official UAW Local 2250 website. Nothing is “official” about the 2022 GMC Jimmy and we don’t expect to hear much until after the launch of the upcoming GMC Hummer.

It is speculated that there could be an SUV based on the Colorado/Canyon platform and running gear. That could include the 2.8L Duramax, and Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve (DSSVTM) suspension

If this is the case, it bodes well for folks who want a (potentially) serious off-road SUV to challenge Ford and Jeep; Especially when you figure in all of the solid off-road ability of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2.

If this does happen, we’ll be on top of it – promise!


The next question/statements comes from a video I did with the 2020 Nissan Altima

Q: (Statements and questions) Nice (Nissan) ad – – Dilpreet Sandhu

Nissan must have paid you guys to talk good about that junk – – Mr. Bull

Why doesn’t TFL ever address the unreliability of these cars especially with CVTs? – Why not give a honest review? – – Paul S

Sponsored by Nissan. I’ve seen a lot of Nissan Titan and now this. This channel is ready to go downhill. – – Niranjan Reddy.

This is the 2020 Nissan Altima AWD I drove on a snow course. It did very well.
(Image TFLcar)

A: Just because you don’t like the car or hear bad things about it – doesn’t make me wrong.

I know, many people feel that if you compliment one car, you’re putting down another. That’s not what I do.

In the video, I point out the highlights of the 2020 Nissan Altima AWD. I drove a few before and I stand by the fact that it’s a damn good car. I mainly point out its excellent seating comfort and good pricing.

The This Just In! segment is about what the vehicle is, what it has and what we’re going to do with it. Simple. It’s about what some people hate about it. We do that with EVERY car on This Just In!

Do you want me to say, “Well, people hate them and so do I?” Or, how about, “If you buy one of these, you’re a sucker – just like that other YouTube guy says all the time.” Simply don’t watch if you want that kind of rhetoric.

Come on. We are talking about the features of this vehicle, not hearsay. Other detailed reviews that we do along with countless studio specials cover more in depth information about the vehicle or the automaker.

The bottom line is: I stand by what I said. It’s a comfortable, easy to drive commuter that has a lot of features (including AWD) for the buck.


The last question comes from a fan who wants to know what’s going on with videos during the COVID-19 crisis.

Q: Hi Nathan. I hope the TFL crew is safe during this COVID- 19 crisis!

I am home with my sister and my mother with no work coming my way. My jobs working with the elderly and in preschool are completely shut down for at least a month and I will be home online for quite some time.

I don’t know if you remember, but I was the one who asked you about van life and my plan to escape one day. Thank you for answering my question! Well, now those savings will have to go to living at home for a while. I hope there will still be money in the piggy bank when this is all over!

I hope you are all staying safe. But tell me what you’re doing with videos during this crisis? Are you stopping or slowing down? I hope not.

Please let the boys know I will pray for them and for you big guy!


Ruth B

Lubbock, TX

A: Hi Ruth! 

I am glad to hear you’re safe during these difficult times. Rest assured, our team is taking every precaution to maintaining a safe social distance, staying clean and staying safe.

Our workload is the same, in fact – it has expanded a bit. We meet and setup all of our planning online and have virtual meetings daily. While we are avoiding press launches and car-shows, we are adding a ton of new programming to our schedule.

We will maintain our old shows, reviews and adventures while adding new ones. We have two new podcasts, one for our car channel and one for our truck channel. There will be new shows coming up on all of our channels in the next few days and we have special events happening in the next few weeks.

All of us want to make your time at home as entertaining as possible. We want to help in the only way we know how, by giving you as much enjoyable content as we can.

Stay tuned for LOTS on new and exciting videos AND online posts!

Please stay safe!


Speaking of the new video content – check out our new TFL Talking Cars podcast!