Tesla Repair Hell? It Can Be A Thing, As We Find Out From This Model 3 Owner

A month for a replacement lug nut?

In many different ways, the Tesla Model 3 is a phenomenal car. The company’s latest all-electric model can hit 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, it has up to 310 miles of range, and sports a minimalistic and futuristic interior. Not to mention the wide range of both physical and software features on deck like Sentry Mode and even a Dog Mode to keep your beloved pets cool.

But — and this is a big ‘but’ is the actual ownership experience as extraordinary as the car itself? Everyone has a different experience, but our repair process with the TFL long-term ‘Thrifty 3’ hasn’t exactly been rosy. Find out more about that below:

Now, accidents happen every day, of course. However, when it comes to sourcing parts, working with insurance, and finding a Tesla-approved repair shop to actually fix the car, the process is much more involved than an ordinary car. As a result, fixing a Tesla can also be a worryingly expensive process. Even when you go through insurance, having your car out of commission for months on end can be a serious hassle.

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What about other Tesla Model 3 owners?

It isn’t just us, either. You may remember Max, the Tesla Model 3 owner who offered his car for a Hot or Not run around the IMI Motorsports track last year. He came back to our headquarters to tell us his ownership experience. Since he bought the car last year, he has also experienced some pain when it comes to replacement parts. Sourcing a replacement wheel took about a month through Tesla’s channels. Replacing a lost lug nut for a wheel also took about a month.

As with any company, customer service is not always perfect. However, when the front motor had an issue, Tesla did fix Max’s car quickly.

Find out more in the videos above, and let us know what your experience has been like if you own a Tesla in the comments below!