Ford Mach 1 EV Rumors, Honda Civic Type-R and Ford Edge ST vs Honda Passport? [Ask Nathan]

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The Ford Mach 1 EV will be quite a departure from the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi
(Photo: TFLcar)

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Here are some Ford Mach 1 EV rumors.
  • Honda Civic Type-R?
  • Honda Pilot vs Ford Edge ST?

Mach 1
Ford teases the revival of the Mach 1 nameplate in a new battery electric vehicle. [Photo: Ford]

The first question comes from a fan who is curious about Ford Mach 1 EV rumors.

Q: (Nathanadlen@Twitter) Hi Roman and Nathan!

Any updates or rumors on the Ford Mach 1 EV?


Ford’s Mustang-inspired electric crossover will arrive in 2020. [Photo: Ford]

A: Howdy!

The Ford Mach 1 EV (which some people are calling the “Ford Mach E”) will be Ford’s first purpose-built all-electric vehicle. While they built a Focus EV, it was a bit of a stop-gap measure at best. Ford’s recent moves towards all-electric vehicles has fired ups the scuttlebutt on several fronts.

  • With their investment in Rivian, their EV announcements regarding their trucks and a slew of hybrid announcements, it’s easy to lose sight of the Ford Mach 1 EV. We caught some interesting rumors floating around.
  • Recently, a few folks who are (said to be) “in-the-know” stated that the Ford Mach 1 will have a 300 + mile range.
  • It is rumored that the next generation CD6 platform, which debuted in the brand-new Ford Explorer, will have a spinoff that will be in the next generation Ford Mustang – may also be used in the Ford Mach 1 EV.
  • Rivian’s in-wheel electric motor tech along with their platform design might be a component in this vehicle.
  • Ford may debut the Mach 1 EV at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show; or, possibly the 2020 NAIAS.

I wish I had more information for you. We expect to hear a lot more in the upcoming months.


The next question comes from a fan who wants to convince his wife that they need a Honda Civic Type-R.

Q:  Nathan! I want a Honda Civic Type-R! But my wife says “NO CAN DO!

She says it makes no sense with kids and it’s no good to drive in Georgia. I disagree. I say its a hatch back and it can hold five people comfortably. Do you think you can help me convince her? She watches your stuff too.

Albert from Douglas Georgia

This photo is from a recent Rocky Mountain Redline drive event. A big video is coming soon! (Photo: TFLcar)

A: Hi Albert!

Good news, bad news.

The Honda Civic Type-R is an amazing vehicle to drive. YES – it is indeed a hatchback and it’s fairly utilitarian. It gets decent gas mileage and it’s so much fun, I pitted it against the Toyota Supra and Honda NSX (that video is coming soon).

2019 Honda Civic Type-R
(Photo: Honda)

Unfortunately, it is not a five-seater. It can only hold four. There is an odd cupholder in the middle of the back seat and no third seatbelt.

I’m afraid I won’t be much help convincing your wife.



Driving the 2019 Honda Passport on ice while filming. Photo: Corey Davis

The last question comes from fan asking about the Ford Edge ST vs the Honda Passport.

Q: Hey guys,

My wife is considering the Ford Edge ST or the Honda Passport.

Which one would you choose? 



(Photo: Ford)

A: Hi Seth,

It’s kind of apples to oranges with these two vehicles. Here’s my simple two-cents…

The Ford Edge ST: This is the crossover you buy if you want serious street performance. It rides okay, but the whole purpose of this thing is to be as fast as sporty cars. I like the power, but it’s not quite the car I would pick given my family’s needs.

The Honda Passport: I have a lot of love for the Honda Passport. It has the room and ride I like along with good manners on dirt. It’s no rock-crawler, but it’s quite good on rough terrain and slippery conditions.

Yes, the Honda Passport would be my choice.

Hope that helps!


Speaking of good crossovers…  

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