A New Ferrari Is Coming Tomorrow: What Could It Be?

Is it a replacement for the 488?

Could it be a replacement for the 488?

In a tweet sent out Wednesday, Ferrari confirmed it will reveal a new car tomorrow, February 28. We can’t see much – just a few quick shots, but that’s certainly enough to get our minds racing as to what it could be. It does look — and sound — like there’s a mid-mounted turbocharged V8 lurking within. More specifically, the carbon fiber engine cover looks similar to what’s in the 488 Pista.

Besides that, we see a short blast of the tachometer, a quick shot of the drive modes, and a few flicks through the dual-clutch gearbox through steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. That’s about it, but there’s one more remarkable clue.

When the drive modes appear in the clip — only for a moment — the switch is certainly different from what’s in the current 488. It seems there’s another drive mode as well, instead of the five positions you have in the current car. You still have broadly the same options: Wet, Sport, Race, CT off and ESC off. However, that sixth option is a bit of a mystery.

Current-generation Ferrari 488 Spider. [Photo: TFLcar]

Some reports suggest Ferrari could introduce a new V8 hybrid car sometime this year. Could that switch option have something to do with it? The gauge cluster, including the tachometer shot, looks like pretty standard Ferrari. There’s no indication of a hybrid powertrain there, so that might not be it.

The current-generation Ferrari 488 has been in production since 2015, so it’s about time Ferrari reveals a replacement. All will be revealed tomorrow, so stick around for more details!