Will the New C8 Mid Engine Corvette be Called the ‘Manta Ray’?

A self-titled ‘insider’ just posted slew of intriguing information about the upcoming C8 mid engine Corvette on the Corvette Forum. In this post, the ‘insider’ claimed the C8 Corvette will officially be named the 2020 Corvette ‘Manta Ray’. On top of the new name, user ‘unlimitedPower’ gave out a lot of information regarding powertrains and trim levels. We cannot confirm the credibility of this information. However, we can tell you what the user said and let you pass your own judgement on its reliability.

The Base C8 Manta Ray

The first nugget of information revealed by this post claims that the base model C8 Corvette will be powered by an updated LT1 V8 Engine. That is the 6.2L naturally aspirated unit. Supposed power figures are in the ballpark of 520 horsepower and 485 lb-ft of torque. That would be an increase of 60 horsepower and 20 lb-ft of torque over the current base Stingray. Furthermore, there will be only one transmission choice: A transaxle dual clutch transmission. Though, the number of speeds wasn’t specified. Apparently, Chevy redesigned the interior to feel a bit more upscale on the base model ‘Manta Ray’.

2021: Grand Touring & Grand Sport Models

According to our friend ‘ultimatePower’, Chevy designed two new trims for the C8, to go on sale in 2021. Those trims are the Grand Touring and Grand Sport. The GT features a high-end luxury treatment, orchestrated by a team from Cadillac. This means more noise & vibration harshness reduction, thicker glass, sound deadening and more. Apparently, the GT model will feature ‘the quietest V8 GM has ever developed’. That being a version of Cadillac’s 4.2L twin turbo V8 with the turbos moved to the sides.

Grand Sport, on the other hand, will be the sports and track focused machine. Think of this as a replacement for the Z06 trim. Apparently that name sounded too much like gibberish. The GS trim will come with magnetic ride control and DSSV dampers in addition to a new engine. Supposedly, the GS will be powered by a beastly 5.5L twin turbo V8. Some other rumors suggest this engine will pump out north of 800 horsepower. Though, that was not specified in this post.

What about the C7?

This post drops one last unique nugget before the information stops. Allegedly, the introduction of a mid engine Corvette opens up a new place for the Camaro in Chevy’s lineup. This user claims that the 2021 Camaro may offer the same level of performance as the C7 Corvette, but for the price of the current Camaro. We’ll have to see what develops from that claim.

That is everything we can gather from the post on the Corvette Forums. Thanks to user ‘unlimitedPower’ for sharing this information.

We just learned yesterday that the C8 Corvette will not show up in Detroit. While we wait for more information, why not see what we think of the current generation Corvette: