New BMW X7 (Sort of) Shows Its Face Before Official Reveal [News]

New BMW X7 teased before its official reveal
BMW will reveal the new X7 later this month. [Photo: BMW]

BMW’s largest SUV should debut later this month.

If you happened to catch BMW’s Facebook page this weekend, you may have caught the face of the new BMW X7. Or, to be a bit more accurate, you might have seen part of its face. It’s just a teaser image, and BMW wanted to hide some of the car’s silhouette while showing off its face. It looks a bit toned down from the X7 iPerformance concept we’ve seen before. BMW’s message: “Taking luxury to a higher level.” Beyond that, the new BMW X7 is “coming soon,” which should mean sometime before the end of October.

Still, there’s not really too much to see in the image BMW released. The headlights look a bit slimmer than the X5, while the rest of the front fascia is more pronounced. If only we could see more of this teaser…

When we overexpose the image, a few more details emerge. Unlike the X5 and X3, the X7’s headlights meld into the grille. They are more substantial than the headlight assemblies in the concept, however. That matches the prototype version we caught back in July.

We’re not 100 percent sure what powerplants the X7 will see. There’s a good change BMW’s largest family hauler will see a turbocharged straight-six as its base engine, followed up by a twin-turbocharged V8 in pricier variants.

Check out that video below, and stay tuned to for more BMW X7 news!