Romain Dumas and Volkswagen Shatter Pikes Peak Hill Climb Record with Sub-8 Minute Run [Breaking News]

The new record eclipses the previous 8:13.878 pace set by Sebastian Loeb in 2013.

Over the past week, we’ve been asking the question of whether the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak could break the record. Now we have our answer, as Romain Dumas completed the 12.42 mile course in less than eight minutes.

Setting a time of 7:57.148, Dumas broke the previous track record by more than 15 seconds. Sebastian Loeb previously held the overall record, with 8:13.878 set in 2013. The average speed on the record-breaking run was 90.538 miles per hour, well ahead of any gasoline-powered competition.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known as the “Race to the Clouds”, comprises 156 turns in 12.42 miles, finishing at the 14,115-feet summit of Pikes Peak. The race takes place every summer just outside Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Pikes Peak Highway, as the road is known, is a toll road open to the public the rest of the year. The race has taken place since 1916, but the course was recently paved all the way to the summit in 2011. Since it’s 100-percent paved, it’s possible for drivers like Dumas to traverse the entire course in under eight minutes.

Then there’s the car itself. Volkswagen developed the I.D. R Pikes Peak as a showcase for their electric car technology. It’s a purpose-built racer packing 500 kW of power from two electric motors. That translates to 680 horsepower, as well as 479 lb-ft of torque. The car weighs less than 2,500 pounds, which makes for a 0-60 time of 2.2 seconds, according to Volkswagen.

Simone Faggilo laid down the next fastest time in the Unlimited Division. He ran the course in 8:37.230, at an average speed of 83.522 miles per hour. That is also a quick run and a great performance. It’s staggering to consider, however, that the electric I.D. R and Romain Dumas beat that time by forty seconds.

Stay tuned to for more updates! The information in this article is based on unofficial results, so the final numbers may change.