What Would You Do If a Gun Flew into Your Front Bumper? [News]

A Washington state motorist got a small, metal surprise in his front bumper.

You definitely don’t see this everyday. This motorist was just driving their Honda Civic on I-5 near Lakewood, Washington when a flying metal object was embedded in his front bumper. When the object hit his car, it didn’t seem to cause any damage and no indicator lights came on, so he kept driving. Finally, when he stopped for gas 18 miles later, he got out to find what was actually lodged in his bumper. It was a handgun.

We at TFL, like most people, have seen a lot of objects hit cars before. Animals, rocks and various other debris, sure – but definitely not a handgun. Naturally, the driver was a bit freaked out, so he called the police. That’s when Washington State Trooper Guy Gill arrived at the scene:

Gun strikes car in Washington State
[Photo: @wspd1pio, via Twitter]
According to Gill, “The driver called 911 and he was just kind of like everyone else saying, ‘this is so strange, but I believe I struck a firearm and it’s still stuck in the front of my vehicle.” Seattle’s KOMO News reports it was the strangest things he’s seen in his 23-year career. “It’s probably nothing I’ll ever see in my career. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident. The Washington State Patrol recovered the gun and turned it over to Lakewood Police. At time of writing, the police haven’t tracked down who threw the gun out on the freeway. Still, it makes a good story. We’ll bet the driver will keep telling his friends and family about that one for years.

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