It’s Amazing The Occupants of This Abandoned McLaren 720S Aren’t Dead

McLaren 720S crashed in the Nevada desert
A McLaren 720S…or what’s left of it. [Photo: Nevada Highway Patrol]

Some mystery driver crashed a McLaren 720S in the Nevada desert.

A tragedy occurred this weekend, as a McLaren 720S bit the dust in the middle of the Nevada desert. But from that tragedy, an air of mystery, as this story doesn’t play out as you might expect. Normally, when supercar crashes like this happen, people are watching. We know who’s driving, as they’re often stuck in the car or seriously injured after the crash occurs. Just look at the pictures above – it’s nothing short of a miracle if people actually walk away from a crash like this.

But that’s exactly what happened – the occupant(s) of the car were nowhere to be found. The Nevada Highway Patrol happened upon the abandoned crash site Sunday at Lake Mead…an eerie sight, don’t you think? Without a doubt, the McLaren is totaled, with parts of its shell missing and parts strewn about the desert floor. But here’s the thing: while we’re not sure of the events that led up to the crash, the McLaren certainly did its job protecting the driver.

McLaren 720S crashed in the Nevada desert
[Photo: Nevada Highway Patrol]
Apparently, the occupants were able to make it out of this without any serious injuries, which just goes to show how far modern cars – even modern supercars – have come in terms of strength and safety. Three cheers for carbon fiber. This should also go without saying, but if you do find yourself behind the wheel of a supercar, drive it (at least somewhat) responsibly. Keep the antics to the tracks, lest you lose your quarter-million dollar to the harsh, unforgiving desert.