Mucho Macho Jeep Nacho Concept Driven [Video]

The Nacho Jeep concept. Photo via: TFLcar

The Nacho Jeep is a bright yellow rolling parts catalog

Covered in a thick layer of Jeep Performance Parts accessories (like nacho-cheese sauce over), the Nacho Jeep concept was a rolling smorgasbord of upgrade ideas. Jeep Performance Parts had over 200 components available for the Wrangler JL even before the JL went to market. The Nacho Jeep concept wears many of these parts, which look pretty good on the “Nacho-yellow” color of this concept.

What started life as a Jeep Wrangler JL two-door, now lives as a beefy off-roader with a two-inch lift and a meaty 37-inch tire on each corner. No mechanical upgrades were applied to the 2-liter turbocharged engine, or the eight-speed automatic transmission.

While these LED lights are still in prototype stage, Jeep Performance Parts says its a good chance that these will be in their catalogue soon! [Photo: TFLcar]
Two-inch tube doors, a prototype hood, over a dozen lights and other off-road accessories help the Nacho Jeep concept look like something out of a SEMA show. It all comes together in a fun and very drivable package. It drove so good in fact, I was surprised few of the other prototype concepts drove quite as good as the Nacho Jeep.

In this video, you will see Roman and Nathan enjoying some light off-roading while getting a feel for how the Nacho Jeep concept drives. This is just the first of many TFLcar and TFLtruck videos from our Jeep Week series. We will have more prototypes/concepts, driving adventures and more – coming soon!

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