That Face You Make When 2,000 Horsepower Is Staring You Down: Hellcat vs. Trackhawk vs. M5 Drag Race [Video]

Here in America, we have a thing for horsepower. So when we have over 2,000 horsepower at our disposal, you know what’s going to happen next.

Folks, this is one of the most powerful drag races we’ve ever staged on TFLcar. No, I mean it – we have over 2,000 horsepower at our disposal today. And it’s winter, no less. That should make for a fun time! In today’s TFLcar video, we have three big-horsepower cars on the track. There’s the 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the ludicrous SUV it spawned, the 707 horsepower Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Then, for those who look at big, brutish American cars and think, “What a bunch of loud, obnoxious children”, there’s the technology-laden BMW M5. At over $100,000, the M5 is certainly the most expensive of the bunch. But does that make it the king of the drag strip?

Now, since the $70,000-ish Hellcat and the $91,000 Trackhawk both make the same amount of power, that has the makings of an epic drag race right there. You throw in rear-wheel drive versus four-wheel drive, and muscle coupe versus high-riding SUV, and you indeed get some interesting results. If you need any proof, one of our team has a certain reaction when the Hellcat-Trackhawk showdown kicks off. See if you can spot it.

However, how does the more sophisticated, lighter M5 fare in this battle for straight-line glory? The results may surprise you – check out the video above! And, as always, come back to for more news, views, and real-world reviews! Subscribe to The Fast Lane Car, The Fast Lane Truck and TFLnow to watch more great video content published every day. After all, you don’t see mega horsepower drag races like these very often.