Mazda Vision Coupe is Sleeker than Sleek [Video]

Mazda Vision Coupe stuns with its sleek form at the L.A. Auto Show

We most recently saw the Mazda Vision Coupe at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show. It stunned onlookers with its graceful, flowing lines and stunned again when they realized it’s a four-door coupe. It looked great then, and it looks no worse now. This car represents an artistic evolution in Mazda’s Kodo design. What went into creating this concept? Watch the video above with TFL’s Nathan Adlen as Mazda North America’s Design Director walks us through it.

From whichever angle you view the Mazda Vision Coupe, you see swooping lines, concave forms, and subtle details that make it a real looker. At the front, it features the grille that’s come to represent Kodo design in the redesigned CX-5 and Mazda6. Emphasizing craftsmanship is Mazda’s game with this and its new production models. The company wants to convince you that it’s every bit as capable of giving you a finely-crafted, sharp-looking automotive experience than its mainstream badge might suggest.

Mazda Vision Coupe
[Photo: Mazda]

The Mazda Vision Coupe’s Sweeping Interior

Inside, the Mazda Vision Coupe can’t be described as anything less than elegant. One of its best features is the integration of the infotainment display into the dashboard. Rather than sticking up out of the dash like a sore thumb, its placement allows for a dashboard that swoops across the cabin like a horizon. The materials also give the Mazda Vision Coupe an upscale feel to Mazdas of yesteryear.

Unfortunately, Mazda has not confirmed production of a new coupe. It likely won’t be either, given consumers’ penchant for crossovers. However, if this shows where Mazda’s design language is heading, there’s a bright and rosy future ahead of us all.

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