Great American Road Trip Through Yellowstone National Park: Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan Double Feature [Video Review]

In this double feature, TFLcar brings you two new SUVs: The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan.

We in America love SUVs. They’re perfect platforms on which to transport our passengers, cargo, and recreational equipment to landmarks across the country. The SUV market is a hotly contested one, and Volkswagen has responded with two contenders: the all-new Atlas and the redesigned Tiguan. In this TFLcar double feature, Roman Mica heads to Yellowstone National Park on a great American road trip to try out these new models. On the way, he encounters a traffic jam you won’t encounter in your daily commute.

Great American Road Trip Through Yellowstone National Park: Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan Double Feature
In Yellowstone National Park, motorists may encounter a bison traffic jam. [Photo: TFLcar]

Three-rows of Americanness: The New Volkswagen Atlas

Starting off the trip in Bozeman, Montana, Roman tests the Atlas on a road trip to Yellowstone’s north entrance. Along the way, the Atlas rides with the Germanic quality and solid feel you’d expect. Although it comes from a German brand, the new Atlas is actually built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, alongside the Volkswagen Passat. It’s produced specifically for the North American market, and is available from around $30,000.

Engine options include a 235 horsepower 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder turbo engine or a 276 horsepower 3.6L V6. The larger engine in this test vehicle makes 17/19/23 MPG City/Highway/Combined fuel economy for $49,415. This seven-seat leviathan is a spacious, comfortable way to road trip with the entire family. For instance, you could take a trip to Montana Grizzly Encounter. As noted in the video, just don’t make eye contact with the bears.


Moving on Up(size): The redesigned Volkswagen Tiguan

After dropping off the Atlas, Roman picked up the Tiguan for another great trip down to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The 2018 Tiguan has grown larger in every particular compared to the outgoing model. The Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan together bridge the gap left behind by the discontinued Touareg. With an interesting name that is a mashup of “tiger” and “iguana”, the Tiguan’s name alone stands out from the pack. As most automakers move toward boring alphanumeric designations, the car’s name makes an interesting conversation piece.

Powered by a 184 horsepower, 2.0 liter turbo engine, the new Tiguan puts out a bit less power than its predecessor. However, it is now mated to an eight-speed transmission, which helps make the drive a bit more comfortable. The top-of-the-line Tiguan on test is available for $30,180, right around where the Atlas starts. The 2018 model makes 22/24/27 MPG City/Combined/Highway fuel economy with the 2.0-liter TSI engine.

The new Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan: Offering up American-style automotive experiences for five or seven passengers.

As Roman points out, the major difference between the Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan comes down to size. Which one should you buy? Well, it depends on how much space you need. If you like your cars as big as Montana, you’d take well to the Atlas. And if you need a not-quite-as-big solution, the Tiguan offers up the same VW experience for a smaller chunk of your wallet.

What do you think of the new Atlas and Tiguan? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Of course, check out The Fast Lane Car’s YouTube channel for more news, views, and reviews!