Upcoming Toyota TJ Cruiser the Return of Pontiac and Off-road in a Porsche [Ask Nathan]

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In this week’s Ask Nathan:

    • Will there be a Toyota TJ Cruiser?
    • Will Pontiac return?
    • Will you take a Porsche Macan or Cayenne off-road?

This first question comes from a viewer who wants to know if the Toyota FT-4X will become a production Toyota TJ Cruiser.

Q: Hi! Do you think the Toyota FT-4X will go into production?

I like the idea of the Toyota FT-4X concept, and I like the way it looks too. They need something that competes against Jeep because, in all honesty, if Toyota built something like a Wrangler, I would buy it right now. The only other thing that may compete with a Wrangler is the 2020 Ford Bronco, which I will never buy because Ford hates fun.


A: Hi Cthulhu 67N!

I never thought I would be responding to an H.P. Lovecraft character!

It looks like Toyota heard you because they recently Toyota filed to trademark the name TJ Cruiser! While that is somewhat nebulous given how little we know about their future plans, it’s a pretty good bet that some of the elements of the Toyota FT-4X concept could see production. That may include the all-wheel drive and a low-range transfer case mixed in with a (possible) hybrid system.

I honestly don’t know how adventurous Toyota is willing to get; however, they did state on several occasions that they want to build more exciting vehicles. Hopefully, this is the start.


This next question comes from a Pontiac fan. I answered a similar question about a year ago, but this note is unique.

Q:I’ve said this before but I asked and received an email from GM regarding Pontiac in which they said they do plan on bringing back Pontiac.

However only as a performance brand so in your opinion what vehicles should they bring back if they bring them back and what do they have to do with performance in today’s world of neutered sports cars.

thank you guys keep up the good work and God bless TFL


A: Hi Brandon!

It’s not feasible man, but I wish it were true.

I would love to see a slightly longer/larger Camaro that became a Firebird. That would be cool. Also, it would be nice to see a GM brand take their little turbo four-bangers and competing with the likes of the Focus ST and Mini Cooper S. It’s quite a novel fantasy.

It’s funny that you mention Pontiac as the TFL team will be making an announcement about that brand soon. Still, it has nothing to do with the resurrection of the name. I’m shocked that GM told you they were planning on bringing the nameplate back; as far as I know, Pontiac will not and simply cannot return.

One of the issues is the fact that Holden (Australia) is going away. Holden built the G8 and recent GTO along with the recently discontinued Chevrolet SS. In my opinion, the Pontiac G8 GXP is still an outstanding sports sedan. A sedan that can never return.

It doesn’t make financial sense. Chevrolet will have the opportunity to build inexpensive sports or “sporty” cars. Buick can build sporty sedans and Cadillac will get the high-end power. That leaves no logical space for Pontiac.

I’m sorry my friend, other than a few aftermarket companies reviving the Trans AM name (on Camaro platforms) there is no sign from General Motors that they are able and willing to bring Pontiac back.


The last question comes from a fan who wants us to test Porsches off-road.

Porsche Cayenne

Q: (Paraphrased for content) Hi Andre and Nathan, I am a teenager in Massachusetts.

Your channel makes the best list and tests. I am wondering about the Macan because my mom just bought the four cylinder. The car is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like the Q5 and can’t afford a Cayenne. The most off-road it’s seen is the poorly paved roads of a nearby town. Our car does not have the optional air suspension, but its’s still a beast at going over speed bumps. I just want to see if it can live up to its older brother, the Cayenne on a trail. My parents are not willing to go rock crawling in their first Porsche.

A: Hi!

So, you’re suggesting that we test the Macan and Cayenne off-road? Sounds like a great idea!

Unfortunately, we’re off Porsche’s radar right now. Hopefully, they will bring new vehicles to our region soon. I mean, the Rocky Mountains are the best place to test Porsche SUVs – without a doubt.

As for your parents not wanting to take their Porsche Macan off-road, well I don’t blame them. Still, it would be nice to see how it performs in the snow. Maybe they would consider taking it up to the slopes? That’s what it was designed for.

I’ll talk it over with Roman and see if we can get Porsche to send us new cars.



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