2017 Lexus GS F First Drive: Old School V8 Shake and Bake [Video]

Sometimes, the video gods become smiteful and despite our best efforts, we can’t bring you the videos and stories we want. Such is the case with the 2017 Lexus GS F.

Nathan Adlen went to the launch of this new car and got some track time in it, but thanks to a computer malfunction, all footage was lost. Fortunately, we have one to test here in Colorado, so Nathan took a quick drive with Roman Mica to find out how the GS F behaves on mountain roads.

The GS F is Lexus‘ performance version of the GS, so it competes with likes of the BMW M5, the car that started this segment. To do it, it’s equipped with a very old-school 5.0-liter V8 that pumps out 467 horsepower and 389 lb-ft of torque. There are no turbochargers or anything else at work here, just displacement.

Despite being a powerful, naturally aspirated car, the GS F gets decent gas mileage. It’s rated at 16 mpg city, 24 mpg highway and 19 mpg combined. These aren’t Prius numbers, but they aren’t bad for a 400-plus horsepower car that weighs two tons.

2017 Lexus GS F

For such a big car, the GS F has good track manners and surprisingly good steering feel, especially since most Lexus cars have fingertip-light steering with little communication. These good track manners translate well on twisty mountain roads, as the eight-speed automatic’s paddle shifters will actually hold gear all the way to redline.

The 2017 Lexus GS F may be a little heavy to be a true sports sedan, but its powerful V8, communicative steering, and deep tenor soundtrack, the GS is a worthy competitor to the M5.

Watch the full TFLcar video above.