Volkswagen TDI Could Return In 2017, According To This Letter From a VW Dealer [Dieselgate Update]

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Hoping to buy a new VW TDI in the near future? You might not have to wait too long. According to the letter we received below from an anonymous Volkswagen dealer, TDI models might return to the lineup for MY2018… which could hit dealerships in 2017. The letter also states that repairs will not start until 2017, with first gen. TDI models first in line.

Read below for the entire letter (less the dealer’s name, that is).

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to send an update to check in with everyone and make sure everyone has registered their 2.0 TDI and gotten the information on the settlement amounts on your specific vehicle. The Link is at the bottom of this email. Let me know if you have difficulty in registering I will be glad to help. I have included a portion of my last email and will have added some other items as well.

1) Buy backs and Cash Settlements are expected to start in mid October. Volkswagen would like to start sooner but there are  other people involved in this process other than Volkswagen and some of the infrastructure needs to be put in place to comply with the terms of the agreements.
2) The current website portal (see below) will be modified and will go live July 26th. There will be contact numbers for customer support as well as more specific details of what to expect for your vehicle. (Site is Now Live and Working)
3) Volkswagen expects to offer additional incentives to returning Volkswagen owners. (They still did not have specific details)
4) Volkswagen will, in this process, be paying any loan payoffs directly to your lien holders.
5) TDI Owners will need to scan documents (IE Title / Current Registration and other documents) to Volkswagen Directly (We will help anyone that needs help with this as well)
6) Looks like repairs will begin for most cars in the first 3 months of 2017 (Gen 3 will be last 3 months 2017) 

Other Items :
– I believe there will be no 2016-2017 TDI models offered for sale. I was told to expect TDI to return in certain 2018 models (VW was not specific in regards to what models )
– The Older Cars (Generation 1) looks like they will be the first and simplest to repair 
– The Generation 2 (TDI Passats before 2015 year model) will follow and The Generation 3 (2015 year model) will be the last to be repaired)

I will continue send more update’s as I get them.

There you have it, the latest and greatest on the settlement, as well as what to expect for the future. If you missed the details of the settlement, or if you’ve reached your daily reading quota – check out the video below for an explanation from two non-lawyers, me and Andre.