Watch an old Honda Civic get some serious air [video]

It is virtually impossible to make the internet happy. No matter how much time and effort goes into making a video that the YouTube community can watch for free (save for a little time spent sitting through a quick ad), there’s always an unimpressed arse in the comments section.

One of our favorites is “pfft, my Civic can do that!” Towing up a 7% grade? Off-roading in mud & snow? Breaking into the 11s at the drag strip? Apparently these are all things a stock Honda Civic can do, according to some viewers. I thought, what exactly can a Civic do once it leaves the pavement? So I turned to the internet to find out. below is what I came up with, all in the name of “work.”

The video shows an old Civic hatchback catching some serious air on a dirt track and driving away relatively unscathed. Who knew? It should be of no surprise that some of the top comments include, “ain’t sh*t,” and “he was going too slow.” Yes, it’s true. No matter what you do for the YouTube community, there’s always a backseat driver who could’ve done it better. Just remember the golden rule of YouTube: unless you’ve posted a video jumping your car…

Thanks to BustedKnuckleVideo for the upload. It turns out a Civic can do that!