TFL Top 5: Great cars that nobody buys [Video]

Which vehicles are selling poorly in the U.S. but are actually great cars?

TFLcar’s Roman Mica and Nathan Adlen crunched the numbers and counted down the TFL top 5 vehicles and one bonus vehicle to see which ones haven’t gained buyers’ attention.

2016 mazda6

Number five on the list is the Mazda 6, which has only sold about 19,000 to date. That’s in comparison to the Toyota Camry, which has sold a whopping 167,000. The Mazda 6 and Camry both compete in the midsize sedan segment, but buyers don’t seem too interested in the Mazda 6.

The 2016 Chevrolet SS sedan features several exterior enhancements that reinforce its commanding presence on the road. A revised front fascia features new, vertical ducts at the outer edges to direct airflow over the front wheel openings to improve aerodynamic efficiency. The fascia also incorporates new LED signature lighting, while new, functional hood vents and new-design 19-inch cast-aluminum wheels contribute to a stronger appearance for the rear-drive sports sedan.

Number four on the list is the little-known Chevrolet SS, which has sold about 1,359 cars. The SS is a rebranded Holden that Chevy brought over from Australia that comes with a Corvette engine.

2017 Jaguar F-TYPE SVR Convertible

Number three and two on the list are the Jaguar F-Type and the Cadillac ELR, both vehicles Roman and Nathan said are decent. The Jaguar has only sold about 1,726 cars, but that could be because it’s in direct competition with the Chevy Corvette, which has sold about 12,000.

The ELR electrified luxury coupe will offer improved performance, more dynamic driving and higher levels of personal technology for the 2016 model year. Major product upgrades include a more than 25% boost in power and torque, faster acceleration that improves 0-60 mph by 1.4 seconds, higher top speed, retuned chassis and steering for better handling, more responsive brakes and a new Performance equipment package.

For the Cadillac ELR, price could play a factor into why it hasn’t caught the attention of buyers, only having sold 402 vehicles.

Find out what car made the number one spot and which was the bonus vehicle by watching the full TFLcar video above.