Tesla brings back the Model S60 as its lowest-price offering

Tesla Model S

Tesla buyers looking for a brand-new Model S60 and S60D will soon be able to buy one now that the electric car company has reintroduced the model.

After a year hiatus, Tesla is bringing the S60 and S60D back to its luxury sedan lineup this summer. The trim level is the lowest price Tesla offers to date for its vehicles at a cost of $58,500 (after a $7,500 federal tax credit) for the rear-wheel drive S60 or $63,500 for the all-wheel drive S60D.

For an additional $8,500 when ordering or $9,000 after delivery, drivers can increase their fuel efficiency by upgrading to the 75 kWh version.

That will bring the total cost up to $67,000 to $67,500 for the rear-wheel drive version, and $72,000 to $72,500 for the all-wheel drive version.

Drivers will get about a 210-mile range with a top speed of 130 mph and an acceleration of zero to 60 seconds in 5.5 seconds with the S60. The S60D has slightly more range and acceleration at 218 miles and zero to 60 in 5.2 seconds.

An upgrade to the 75 kWh battery will get drivers a range of 249 miles for the rear-wheel drive version or 259 miles with the all-wheel drive version. The acceleration and top speed remain the same with the 75 kWh battery.

Similar to the Model X, the S60 and S60D will come equipped with standard safety technology, parking sensors and blind spot warnings, maps and navigation and other features.

The 17-inch touchscreen controls most of the vehicle and includes access to the radio and sound system, camera, maps, controls, calendar, navigation and phone system. The screen also shows real-time energy consumption.

The S60 and S60D also come equipped with crash-safety features including a reinforced steel frame, a lowered drivetrain that improves handling and minimizes rollovers and eight airbags that protect both front and rear occupants.

Drivers will have the ability equip their S60 and S60D with a wide range of options including autopilot at a cost of $2,500 when ordering or $3,000 after delivery, additional lighting and cabin filtration systems at $3,000, smart air suspension at $2,500, subzero weather package at $1,000, higher end sound system at $2,500, rear-facing seats which increase capacity to seven passenger at $3,000, a 72-amp charger that charges the car faster at $1,500.

With all Tesla cars, drivers have access to the car company’s Supercharger network, a free service set up in cities across the country for those traveling long distances. That network is able to charge the battery at a faster rate.

Tesla estimates that drivers will save about $6,800 in gas over a five-year period for all S trim levels.

Check out this TFLcar video of the Tesla Model X, with its ludicrous speed and party-trick rear gullwing doors: